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Would it be a great idea for you vĩ đại work anywhere in the world without a fixed work schedule? Top affiliate marketers don't need vĩ đại fantasize about this lifestyle - they can choose vĩ đại live it. Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular every day as people trade their 9-to-5 lifestyles for the chance vĩ đại be their own quấn.

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The only problem with this concept is that being an affiliate marketer is not easy. The growing popularity of digital marketing has made it increasingly difficult vĩ đại build a sustainable affiliate marketing business.

So, how bởi you earn extra money with programs lượt thích Shopee Affiliate?

  • What Is Shopee Affiliate
  • Why Join Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Programs
  • How vĩ đại Join Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program
  • DSers: Best Dropshipping Solution and tiếp thị liên kết Program
  • Final Word
  • What Is Shopee Affiliate

    Launched in Singapore in năm ngoái, Shopee now also operates in many Southeast countries and regions lượt thích Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan. And now Shopee also expanded their business vĩ đại some South American countries lượt thích Brazil, Chile, Colombia.

    Singapore - DSers

    Although it was originally a B2C marketplace, Shopee Dropship Singapore now supports B2B transactions and dropshipping. The platform is particularly attractive vĩ đại new affiliates because its escrow service pays suppliers when order delivery is confirmed.

    In addition, Shopee makes it possible for Singaporeans vĩ đại buy directly from Chinese merchants without paying shipping fees.

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    Due vĩ đại the high quality and cheap price, people love Chinese goods. It’s no longer a secret vĩ đại purchase globally online for your needs. AliExpress is the biggest global marketplace of Chinese brands, which allows online retailers, dropshippers, and individual customers vĩ đại buy good but cheap Chinese products all over the world.

    Shippment - DSers

    Now, you know what Shopee is. But bởi you know that you can also earn extra revenue on Shopee? You may have heard of the Shopee tiếp thị liên kết program, which is ví easy that anyone can bởi it anywhere, but how does it work? Is it worth a try?

    Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program is considered an online business idea with no capital needed. Because all you have vĩ đại bởi is join and share product links, and you'll get a commission. As it turns out, you can also bởi ví through this Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program.

    For those with tens of thousands of followers on social truyền thông media, you just need vĩ đại share a product liên kết on your social truyền thông media and the followers you have may click the liên kết and buy it. Once the product you shared is proven vĩ đại be purchased through your liên kết, then you will get a certain rate of commission.

    It is worth mentioning here, if you have a certain audience base on your social truyền thông media, it would be more profitable vĩ đại start your own business as an online dropshipping store kêu ca just only join an affiliate program.

    Audience- DSers

    With a commission rate of around 3%-10%, Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program helps you make extra revenues online, while a dropshipping business may maximize your profits up vĩ đại 200% and even more.

    Dropshipping is a trending solution vĩ đại work completely from home page with no need vĩ đại worry about the inventory or warehouses. It means that when you are purchasing products from a seller or a retailer, the third tiệc nhỏ will ship products vĩ đại the customer directly. You are just the middleman and advertise the product for orders.

    All you need are good management and marketing skills and a handful of dropshipping tools lượt thích DSers. DSers is the best dropshipping tool for your business.

    For details about how you can dropship with DSers, you can quickly jump vĩ đại the latter part of this article here.

    Why Join Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program

    Shopee Affiliate is a program that anyone can use vĩ đại promote Shopee products on the Internet. This is an opportunity not vĩ đại be missed, especially for those who lượt thích vĩ đại linger on social truyền thông media. Also, as mentioned above, those with a lot of followers can accelerate earnings if they know how vĩ đại market on social truyền thông media lượt thích Instagram.

    So joining the Shopee Affiliate program now is enough vĩ đại promote eligible Shopee products across your various social truyền thông media accounts (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

    When promoting Shopee products, you need vĩ đại be a little creative vĩ đại make them look more attractive. The more people who trade with the product you promote, the more revenue you make. For more details, see the following note on the benefits of joining the Shopee tiếp thị liên kết program.

    • Have the freedom vĩ đại choose products and present promotional nội dung.
    • Commissions will be obtained easily, simply by spreading the referral liên kết.
    • New users will get a 10% or more commission.
    • Existing users will get at least a 3% commission for each transaction.
    • Payments will be made transparently in accordance with purchase transactions and referral links.
    • There is no binding contract with Shopee regarding nội dung creation ví that you can be more flexible in your work vĩ đại make promotional nội dung as attractive as possible.
    • Free vĩ đại choose the product you want vĩ đại promote.

    How vĩ đại Join tiếp thị liên kết Program of Shopee

    Since there are many countries and regions that Shopee tư vấn, now we’ll take Singapore for example.

    Step 1: Register for a Shopee Account

    Open this link if you don't have a Shopee tài khoản, please create it first by clicking "Sign up" on the upper left.

    Step 1 - DSers

    The easiest way is vĩ đại enter your phone number (WhatsApp), then “Next”. (I used my G-mail tài khoản.)

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    Shopee Sign Up - DSers

    💡 TIP: Because when you fill in the personal information, the phone number is still needed anyway.

    You can also register a Shopee tài khoản with Facebook, Google (G-mail), and Apple accounts. Please use as desired.

    Step 2: Fill in the Account Information

    Shopee Account Information - DSers

    Next will appear a pop-up verification code delivery information, just press "Send Verification Code".

    Verification code - DSers

    Please enter the 6 digit code sent vĩ đại your WA number or G-mail (depends on which tài khoản you use vĩ đại register), then click "Next".

    Step 3: Register for Shopee Affiliate

    Now that you have a Shopee tài khoản, continue vĩ đại register for Shopee tiếp thị liên kết.

    Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Account - DSers

    Next, please fill in the complete registration size. On this page, there are two more steps that you must complete. In the last step, you are asked vĩ đại wait for a decision from Shopee regarding whether or not the application that has just been made is accepted.

    Step 4: Choose Products vĩ đại Promote

    After the application is approved, you can get a custom liên kết on the Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program platform page. You can choose the best-selling Star Seller or Shopee Mall products vĩ đại promote on your social truyền thông media accounts.

    Creating interesting promotional nội dung can attract those who want vĩ đại kiểm tra the products and want vĩ đại click on the liên kết ví they may make a purchase. The more people who make purchases through the product liên kết you share, the more commissions you will earn.

    Christmas Stocking - DSers

    Shopee will give a commission according vĩ đại the selling price of the goods on the liên kết you share. The provisions of the commission mentioned above are different depending on your regions.

    To be more successful in promoting Shopee goods through this affiliate program, those of you who are members must be more creative in presenting unique and interesting nội dung.

    DSers: Best Dropshipping Solution and tiếp thị liên kết Program

    Like I said above, Shopee is also a good platform vĩ đại start your dropshipping business - no inventory needed and an easy way vĩ đại sell online. You may know how dropshipping works but wonder is it legal or is it still profitable? Both answers are yes.

    DSers dropshipping

    Get Started Now vĩ đại Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


    It’s not late vĩ đại dropship and make money. Plus, there are many dropshipping tools and solutions lượt thích DSers that can accelerate more fortune for you. DSers also have an affiliate program with Admitad. If you want vĩ đại start using the Admitad tiếp thị liên kết program in your dropshipping business, then kiểm tra how the DSers platform works. This is the list of features we provide you after you start using our tool.

    Final Word

    So far, it turns out that the Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program is not difficult vĩ đại operate, isn't it? This is an online business opportunity vĩ đại earn some extra income and more importantly, market your online business if you have one.

    In addition, the way it works is also quite easy, just by spreading the product liên kết obtained from the Shopee tiếp thị liên kết Program platform vĩ đại all your social truyền thông media accounts.

    Again, you have vĩ đại be a little creative vĩ đại polish the appearance of the nội dung for promotion ví that it looks even more attractive in the eyes of potential commission contributors later.

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