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Photo of Russel D.

Pho Anh specialize in naturally flavored and healthy soups. Each bowl of soup is carefully prepared with a variety of toppings and accompanied with fresh coriander leaves, bean sprouts, hot chili peppers, lemon wedges and basil leaves. Pho ever Noodles, a conscious choice to tát a healthy and well-balanced meal!

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  • Photo of Jennifer C.

    Upon entering we were warmly welcomed (by the owner) and she quickly seated in a booth in the back. Condiments (Sriracha, hoisin, chili oil, pepper and soy sauce) were conveniently available at each table and clean utensils/napkins were later given. To drink, I ordered the passion fruit green tea. The tea was ice cold, sweet and refreshing. For my entree, I opted for the Special Vegetarian Noodle Soup (basically vegetarian pho). Lol The broth was PHO-nomenal, and it stayed piping hot the entire time.
    If you're vegetarian, a whole page in the thực đơn is dedicated for us hahaha There are many vegetarian items so sánh I'll definitely be back!

  • Photo of Aaron E.

    Possibly the best Pho in the Inbred Empire.

    Nothing is worse than thở having clients in Riverside, California but I figure I am being paid to tát be there so sánh there is no use in complaining about it and I may as well get a miễn phí lunch out of the giảm giá khuyến mãi at my client's favorite Viet joint off of Van Buren. He claimed it was better than thở anything you will find on Bolsa/Little Saigon. I am convinced my client has never been to tát Little Saigon. Or, at the very least, he has never eaten there.

    This is your typical neighborhood family-owned Viet spot with absolutely no pretension offering a solid, quality product and if I lived in Riverside I am certain it would be my fave Pho cửa hàng as well. The service is surprisingly warm and the prices are very fair when the portions and subtle-yet-so-satisfying broth are taken into trương mục. Even the restrooms are well-kept and stocked with fresh Potpourri. Pho Anh has the mechanics and the soft skills down pat.

    But what about the Soup? Okay, I will tell you what:

    Vermicelli-style Rice Noodles take the soak in a Cardamom and Anise heavy Broth with a silken consistency and one of the longest closing notes in the Pho game; I am not kidding when I say that you will be tasting Pho on your lips 5-10 minutes after eating. I always order Pho Tai and get the Filet on the side to tát heat it to tát temperature as I go along to tát keep thongs nice and medium-rare. For adornments I look for further than thở a few Thai Basil leaves, a handful of Bean Sprouts, and a nice and slow twice of Lime. Maybe a quick squeeze or two of Sriracha for heat and the stage is mix for a successful luncheon.

    I get to tát Riverside as seldom as humanly possible but if I find myself there again -- and I will -- at least I have Pho Anh to tát look forward to tát.

  • Photo of Quinn T.

    Great Vietnamese restaurant in Riverside. It is advisable that one should not order a dish that deviates from the main core dish that a restaurant is known for. Pho is what they advertise as their food but I settled for steak. I tried their vermicelli, rice plate dish, noodle dish, and many time Pho. All their food is good and about 4 stars with some slightly below. However, this time they get a star because of their fast services and willing to tát add and change their thực đơn by adding grilled shrimp with the steak for my friend. The food cane out in a timely manner and the place was quiet. It's so sánh quiet quiet for our group to tát eat and chat.

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. Partial menu

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. Filet mignon, steak and rice plate with added fried egg

  • Photo of Aaditya S.

    Good food, good service and a restaurant that is open late. What else tự you need from a mom and pop Vietnamese restaurant. They are hard working folks who make some amazing food.

    They have two branches one located on Van Buren Blvd and the other located by Tyler Mall in Riverside CA. They have a nice overall thực đơn which offers an array of smells, textures and soups. Their portion sizes are good compared to tát the price they charge. Overall the pricing is decent as inflation is on the rise.

    They have options for vegetarians and vegans, lots of them!

    They can come out to tát be a little rude but again don't take an offend as they are a hard working family. Pay them a visit and you won't regret.

    12/20/2020Previous review

    The food is great here. The veggie pho broth is really very tasty. However, the customer service is a little below average. Yesterday I ordered Grubhub from there and they literally forgot to tát give the delivery person 2 entire dishes which was $10.99 each. When I called them they said that they couldn't return my money or tự much about it. They did offer mạ a credit if I order from them again. However, nothing was said in writing nor they gave mạ a special coupon nor they took my name. It was all verbal. When I asked is there a possibility to tát give mạ a coupon or give mạ something in writing, they disconnected my Điện thoại tư vấn. I had to tát liên hệ Grubhub and inform them what exactly happened. They were not really happy with the service provided to tát mạ. They did give mạ my refund and apologized on behalf of everything that happened. However, it was not the fault of the Grubhub Driver, it was the restaurant. In fact the folks on the Điện thoại tư vấn even agreed that they messed up and forgot to tát give the delivery person 1 entire bag of food lol. That was actually funny to tát hear.

  • Photo of Ry T.

    Excellent tasting Pho, broth is on point. Will be back for more and try other items. Lots pho selections and other fare including bahn mi

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. Nice decor and clean.

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. 11. Rare Steak, Flank, Fatty Brisket, Tendon and Tripe Noodle Soup

  • Photo of Anna M.

    Ordered via yelp and picked up in the restaurant. Arrived in the middle of the window of when it said it would be ready, and it was waiting for us at the counter. My son ordered an iced coffee (with condensed milk) and it had SO much instant (I think?) Coffee in it but somehow made it taste lượt thích an iced mocha and was surprisingly good. The condiments/accompaniments to tát the pho were generous and fresh. The broth was flavorful and rich. The meat and everything else was good. I was slightly confused as to tát whether or not I got the fresh noodles I paid extra for on all three bowls or not since I'm used to tát seeing the wider fresh noodles and they were also more chewy lượt thích the typical non-fresh noodles. I don't think I actually got fresh noodles, but it was still good. We also ordered the crispy noodles with beef and it was also delicious. I will be back to tát hopefully finally try their fresh noodles.

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. Rare steak and flank pho

  • Photo of Brian Y.

    Our favorite place to tát get Pho, my baby loves the soup here they use something special in that broth.  Great taste and service is always great.  Def a place to tát kiểm tra out!

  • Photo of Angie G.

    Food is great I loved it! The  thing that it's going to tát make not to tát come back is that the server was very rude, he yelled my autistic 4 year old son because he almost dropped his drink on the table ; there's other ways that this situation handled. I wasn't paying attention because I was trying to tát order my food he could've told mạ to tát get the cup for my son if he was too worried of my son getting the table dirty. My son of course got scared and cried, made our whole experience awkward. Like I said food was great, sadly never coming back again because of the situation.

  • Photo of Lulu V.

    Food was pretty good mạ and my bf decided to tát stop by about an hr or so sánh before they closed as our first time and based on reviews it could be a hit or miss but we liked it honestly food was pretty tasty. The only thing was we waited about 30 mins for our food but everything else was great service was good as well I recommend for sure.

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. 55. Stir-Fried Big Flat Noodle with Filet Mignon Bean Sprouts

    Photo of Pho Anh - Riverside, CA, United States. A2. Spring Roll

  • Photo of Steven T.

    One of the more expensive Pho places in the area, the food for mạ was mediocre at best.

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