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【Tango no Sekku -- Boys' Day】

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Still remember we talked about Hinamatsuri — March 3, the Girls’ Day in Japan?  

Do they have the Boys’ Day? The answer is yes, definitely.

On May 5, Japanese people celebrate the health and happiness for boys. It’s known as “Tango no Sekku” or “Kodomo no Hi”(Children’s Day). It’s now a part of Golden Week of nhật bản.

Different from Hinamatsuri when dolls called “Hinaningyo” are decorated at home page,  on this day the families with boys will raise carp-shaped flags called "Koinobori" to tát express hope that their boys will grow up healthy and strong.


In nhật bản, the carp is thought to tát be a symbol of strength, courage and success because of a Chinese legend that a carp swam upstream and became a dragon. "Koi no Takinobori (Carp's waterfall climbing)" in Japanese proverbs, means "to succeed vigorously in life."  

Nowadays some families not only raise carps for their boys, but also raise one for dad, one for mom and each for each kid. The flags blowing in the wind look lượt thích carps are swimming.  When you see the flags in the sky, the summer is not far away.

Besides the carp streamers, it is also a typical celebration to tát decorate the armor, helmet, sword or warrior doll called “Gogatsu Ningyo”(May dolls) at house with boys.

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【Kabuto (Helmet)】

Kashiwa Mochi (rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves with sweet beans inside) is one of traditional foods that are eaten on this day. Another traditional food is Chimaki, which is introduced from Trung Quốc,  steamed sweet rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.

【Kashiwa Mochi & Chimaki】

Taking a Shoubu-yu (a bath with floating Iris leaves) is another traditional custom on this day. Shoubu is a kind of herbs and also a folk remedy that attempts to tát ward off plague by its fragrance. It is also hung under the eaves of houses which is believed to tát be able to tát drive away evil spirits.

【Shoubu-yu (a bath with floating Iris leaves)】

If you want to tát view the carp streamers in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is definitely a good option. There holds a Koinobori Event during Children’s Day period. The wire tethering the 333 Koinobori will glow in 7 different colors! At night, they also light up! 

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