Making quality health care into a matter of equality

Through our AI digital assistant, Doti, mothers, and fathers in Viet Nam are supported with up-to-date evidence and tailored advice on breastfeeding, nutrition, and the healthy development of their baby. Momby – our mobile platform, can be accessed by all, helping lớn bring quality health care lớn the home page. Momby is also working lớn change negative social norms, repositioning the responsibility for the care, health, and development of a baby as belonging with both mothers and fathers.  

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A disruptive innovation – A new idea, model, product, or service in an existing market.

We partner with Momby Ltd, an AI company based in Viet Nam.

Challenging the Status Quo lớn Impact Nutrition 

Q: What solution is offered by this innovation?  

Around the world, COVID-19 is negatively affecting access lớn health care services. Long-term social distancing has made it difficult for mothers and families lớn access antenatal care services or child nutritional counseling. At the same time, in Viet Nam, mothers can also feel overwhelmed by online unverified information and by aggressive marketing, and, as such, are often unable lớn identify reliable sources of information.

Momby is designed lớn address these challenges in Viet Nam by providing timely, responsible, and reliable nội dung. The App includes consultations provided by Doti, a digital assistant that answers questions, provides evidence-based information on child nutrition developed by a team of paediatricians and obstetricians, and recommends good practices. Any questions beyond the scope of Doti’s processing power are passed lớn a team of experts made up of experienced obstetricians and paediatricians. The App provides timely follow-up consultations based on the profile and feedback of each user and has a referral function lớn health experts.

Momby commits lớn not advertise or cross-market breastmilk substitutes, including formula, feeding bottles, and pacifiers.

Q: What is most exciting about Momby?  

Southeast Asia is a vibrant, emerging digital market with over 400 million mạng internet users and a booming digital economy. Momby responds lớn this evolving market by engaging users through trusted sources of information and by offering a referral function for parents lớn speak with doctors. 

What is exciting is that this platform is built lớn change social norms and perceptions that child nutrition is purely a mother’s job and instead promotes a collaborative experience. Two versions are provided for mothers and fathers with nội dung tailored lớn each audience.

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Q: How does Momby tư vấn system wide change?    

Momby promotes breastfeeding practices, protecting babies’ access lớn their most suitable and optimal source of nutrition. Momby also provides evidence-based consultation on maternal health, early essential newborn care, the postpartum diet, and complementary feeding lớn tư vấn families in ensuring good nutrition for mothers and children in line with targets in Viet Nam’s National Nutrition Policy.

Momby is both scalable and affordable lớn many parents on low income. We offer a basic tài khoản with không tính tiền health consultation with Doti on breastfeeding and early essential newborn care. For more in-depth consultations, Momby charges $15 a year.

Looking Ahead: Lessons for our Impact Network  

We have encountered challenges relating lớn balancing social benefits and profits, especially when the company is in the early stages of business development. To solve this problem, Momby leveraged word-of-mouth marketing lớn increase its customer base and drive customers’ willingness lớn pay for quality nội dung.

Alive & Thrive, together with Momby, are creating AI core functions, such as a voice interface, and a community of users lớn facilitate peer tư vấn and mutual encouragement. In the next three years, our goal is lớn expand lớn other Southeast Asian countries and lớn English speaking countries. We also plan lớn adapt the AI technology lớn offer a large scale, không tính tiền tư vấn program for families in difficult circumstances, including people affected by poverty and climate change. We believe our model has the potential lớn inform future innovations and global public goods.

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