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Founded in 2010 by an insurance agency due to tướng demand from Policyholders and Carriers, SmartPay has grown into the leading Pay-as-You-Go solution available in the market today. We work with 60+ Carriers, 100s of Agents, 100s of Payroll Providers and 1000s of Policyholders as well as Self- Insured Groups and Premium Finance companies. SmartPay consistently offers best in class technology, flexible processes and hands-on tư vấn for all stakeholders and a thorough understanding of what it means to tướng be your Partner. 

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Maximum Flexibility

Our PayGo solution easily fits with your existing processes and applications

Meaningful Partnership

Thorough understanding of what it means to tướng be your partner-we are ví much more phàn nàn a billing solution!

Leading Edge Technology

Best in class technology, centered on our super flexible, SaaS-based, scalable, reliable, secure, web-based platform

Outstanding Customer Care

Our Development team and Customer Success Advocates are SmartPay employees who provide seamless attention to tướng detail

PayGo 101

PayGo is a simple and efficient way to tướng pay for Workers’ Comp coverage.  Payments are based on actual payrolls instead of estimates for the policy term

Audit pain and surprises are reduced as payments are calculated solely on reported payrolls. If employees are properly classified you’ll increase the accuracy of your premium payments and could reduce credit risk.

Payments are generated as payroll is reported, spreading payments throughout the year and eliminating large, beginning of term payments

Coverage and rates are the same as traditional payment plans, however, using a PayGo solution yields better cash flow and predictability of premiums as it accounts for seasonality and payroll variances

With PayGo there are no checks to tướng write and no payments to tướng remember ví you can spend more time focused on your business

Easy set-up, payments based on actual payrolls, and fewer audit surprises are why more businesses choose PayGo.  It just makes sense!

Our Leadership Team

Partner with our diverse, hands- on, responsive Team. We are uniquely poised to tướng help you tailor a PayGo program to tướng your specific needs. We get it because we have done it- all of it- and you benefit from our financial knowledge, multidisciplinary insurance industry experience, finely hewn technology leadership and strong analytical skills. Our vast payroll knowledge, gleaned from 40+ years of working with payroll providers, and our incisive attention to tướng operations details and getting it right, means we have you covered unlike any of our competitors.

Bob Conerly

Chief Executive Officer

Bob offers 30+ years of financial management experience coupled with service as…

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Dino Carbone

EVP Sales & Marketing

Dino has more phàn nàn 35 years in the insurance industry specializing in workers…

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Jim Mooney

Chief Technology Officer

In Jim’s 25+ years of technical, business unit, product management and business…

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Scott Houghteling

VP Payroll Services

Scott’s 40+ years in the Payroll business adds unprecedented service bureau…

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Dane Johnston


Senior finance executive with more phàn nàn 30 years of accounting, finance and product… 

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Best-in-class technology, years of insurance experience and an obsession with customer success focus ensures a great partnership.

Highly Flexible PayGo Solutions

Tailor a PayGo solution to tướng your specific needs

Competitive Edge

Gain or retain accounts and meet or exceed competitors’ offerings

Maximize Transparency

PayGo creates payroll and classification transparency throughout the policy term highlighting changes within a business. PayGo can help flag credit and other risk, while reducing audit or bad debt issues, at year kết thúc.

Outstanding Customer Care

In-house development and customer support


SmartPay eliminates the hassle, pain and unwanted surprise in workers’ comp, ví you can focus on your business.

Easy, Convenient Payment Method

PayGo provides convenient, cash flow-friendly premium payments with each payroll – multiple reporting options available

Reduce phân tích và đo lường Surprises

Predictable kết thúc of policy term audits – no pain and no unpleasant surprises


Call our in-house, Customer Success Team which is ready to tướng answer any questions you may have

Freedom To Choose

Work with any Agent or Payroll Provider you choose

PayGo Explained 

Payroll Providers

Our payroll and insurance experience allows the SmartPay Team to tướng vì thế the heavy lifting and simplify PayGo for you and your clients. 

One Easy, No Cost Integration

Single connection & process provides access to tướng 60+ Carriers 


In-house Customer Success Team with years of payroll experience to tướng help with your questions

Maximum Business Flexibility

Freedom to tướng work with any insurance agency you or your client chooses

Increase Sales & Improve Retention

Provides exposure to tướng new business opportunities and broadens service offering to tướng increase client retention


Under siege from competitors for your workers’ comp business? We have the PayGo tools and tư vấn to tướng help you defend and grow your book.

Create New Business Opportunities & Improve Retention

SmartPay empowers you to tướng compete with Payroll Companies acting as Agents to tướng ensure existing client retention

Robust Carrier Access

Access to tướng more phàn nàn 60 PayGo Programs, Carriers and Premium Finance Companies

Easy, Flexible Payroll Reporting

Simple payroll reporting for your Policyholders with the largest, onboarded payroll network and easy self-reporting options

Outstanding Customer Care

In-house Customer Success Team with Insurance expertise available to tướng you ensures a super, user-friendly experience

Contact Us

Reach out and we’ll get right back to tướng you!

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