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The song thất lục bát (雙七六八, literally "double seven, six eight") is a Vietnamese poetic size, which consists of a quatrain comprising a couplet of two seven-syllable lines followed by a Lục chén bát couplet (a six-syllable line and an eight-syllable line). Each line requires certain syllables vĩ đại exhibit a "flat" or "sharp" pitch. Lines and stanzas are linked in a complex rhyme scheme.


• = any syllable; = trắc (sharp) syllable; = vị (flat) syllable; A = vị (flat) syllable with "A" rhyme.
and are used only as handy mnemonic symbols; no connection with music should be inferred.[clarification needed]

Examples in Vietnamese include:

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  • Chinh phụ dìm (The Complaint of the Warrior's Wife ) by Đoàn Thị Điểm
  • Cung ân oán dìm khúc (Sadness of the Palace ) by Nguyễn Gia Thiều

Although the Song Thất Lục Bát stanza is the most common way of incorporating the secondary song thất size into the primary lục bát size, two other methods have also been used: song thất couplets may be randomly interspersed within a long lục bát poem; and the two types may alternate in an odd number of couplets, in which case the series both begins and ends with a lục bát couplet.[1]

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